Central Bank of Jordan

The Central Bank of Jordan contributes to provide official and unofficial entities with statistical bulletins and economic periodic reports to provide an investment environment that is both attractive and motivating for the economic and social development

Department of Land and Survey

The Department of Land and Survey provides all kind of services & information for serving the comprehensive development purposes, that contribute in promoting the economic and real-estate stability in Jordan

WCS (Amman Information Desk)

Amman information desk will provide the most exhaustive and rich information to its audience. Yellow Pages will stay close to all its users by providing tools for consumers and businesses looking for market information

Global Property Guide

The authoritative source of information on buying overseas property. Compare countries on the basis of rental yields, taxes and investment prospects

Greater Amman Municipality

The "Greater Amman Municipality" provides all useful information and services for locals, Arabs and foreigners visitors; which cover several sectors such as the real estate sector, public transport, public parks, archaeological sites, entertainment sites and many others.

Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics’ website translates to increasing interest locally, regionally and internationally in numbers, statistical data and means of dissemination, with speed, accuracy, international quality, ease and suitability for different needs of users.